Topics covered here include:
For Best Results
Submission Methods
Camera-Ready Artwork
Digital Artwork
White Ink on Dark Fabric
Unanticipated Art Charges
Image Copyrights.

For Best Results

  • Do not use fonts smaller than 10 point.
  • Keep artwork as simple as possible.
  • Do not use ruled line weights under 1.5 point.
  • Do not print very small detailed logos.
  • Note whether your art work is sent full size (to scale, 100%) or to be sized to the product's maximum image area.
  • Resolution should be 300 pixels per inch.

  • Email -- Send attachment to aamartdept@yahoo.com OR artdept@betterline.com with your Company Name and Puchase Order Number in the subject line.  If you are e-mailing large files, compress them in the Zip format or use the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.
  • Overnight Delivery -- using UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, or US Postal Service carriers.  For ship-to address, contact customer service.  Media accepted include CD, Zipdisk 250M on PC, 3.5" PC Floppy, or camera-ready artwork.
  • Reorders -- Artwork is saved for 3 years. Please reference your previous Purchase Order number or Invoice number.  Not exact reorders will be charged art charges.
  • Typesetting Only -- Straight Line copy only.  We will typeset straight line copy of 10 words or less for free.

Please indicate on your Purchase Order if you would like your art media returned, where, & when.


Camera-Ready Artwork is clean black and white artwork, traditional or digital media, requiring no modification except sizing. Camera ready multi-color artwork must be "butt-to-butt" registration.


Send to: aamartdept@yahoo.com OR artdept@betterline.com, if you experience technical problems with this address, please contact us for an alternate address. If you are emailing art, it is your responsibility to fax a copy of your art for proofing purposes. Non received e-mailed art is not our responsibility. Due to the large number of emailed art files we receive on a daily basis, we can not confirm with you whether your order has been received by our customer service department. It is your responsibility to make sure your order has been received.

PC Software-Format's Accepted

Software-Format's NOT Accepted

  • Corel Draw, version 10 or earlier
  • Paint Shop Pro, version 6 or earlier
  • Freehand, version 8 or earlier (**preferred**)
  • Quark Express, version 4 or earlier
  • Adobe Illustrator, version 9 or earler
  • WordPerfect
  • Microsoft Word
  • Power Point
  • MAC platform files
  • etc.

The BetterLine accepts generic format digital files. The preferred native (software-) format is Macromedia's Freehand 8 for PC. The Freehand program allows us to read and edit generic EPS (.eps) files from Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Note: EPS's must have VECTOR ART ONLY: do not embed images in EPS files.  All text in EPS files must be converted to outlines or curves/paths.  For single color jobs, we also accept most Tagged Image File format (.tif) files and uncompressed JPEG (.jpg) files as long as the image is 100% black on 100% white, non-grayscale, non-photographic images, saved at close to actual size at 300dpi or higher. As always, please note the desired imprint size. High-resolution Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files are also acceptable. We do not accept .bmp's, or .GIF's.  Please feel free to call us for clarity before sending your art. Failure to send usable art may incur extra art charges and loss of production time.

If you wish to do four-color-process [CMYK] jobs or you have other questions, please call our art department.

All digital artwork must also follow these requirements:

  1. As noted above, all text/wording must be converted to curves, paths, or outlines. Note: this needs to be done to avoid font inclusion/substitution and font-licensing problems and delays.
  2. Multi-color jobs must use pantone spot colors. Note: failure to do so will result in a process-color Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK [CMYK] resultant file, which requires longer turnaround and a custom quote from The BetterLine.
  3. If a halftone or a dot-pattern/line-screen is used, we require 30 lpi, with tints no less than 10% or greater than 60%. Note: failure to do so will result in an extremely low quality imprint using our silkscreen process.
  4. Bitmaps must use pantone spot color(s) identical to the rest of the qxd/pdf file, and be 300dpi or higher at full imprint-scale. Note: failure to do so will result in an extremely low quality imprint, and/or more ink charges, and/or a CMYK result.
  5. Please indicate all colors (including background colors) on your hard copy proof. Note: If a hard copy isn't provided, you will be charged for the paper proof in order to elicit your approval.


The first color of a single standard location imprint is included in the basic price of all printed products.  For most products, the standard location and layout of a single colored image is centered on the product's front side.  Other possible layouts are noted in the item's webpage.


Commonly, dye from the fabric, Red and Cardinal fabric colors, will migrate into the imprint slightly, discoloring the white imprint. We require a release form, signed by you approving to continue production. This form will be faxed to you prior to production for your written approval.  We cannot continue your order until we receive approval.  Additional ink charges will be charged if a white underlay is requested.

Unanticipated Art Charges

You will be notified by customer service if your artwork will cost more than your purchase order stipulates.  All alterations will be quoted accordingly.  For detailed information on all art-related charges, see the Printing Pricing webpage.


We reserve the right to use all images for our promotional purposes unless otherwise specifically requested in writing.