Fabric and Ink colors displayed on your video display only approximate the color of a particular ink batch or fabric dye-lot. Computer display depth (cannot be 256 colors, must be 24- or 32-bit), display wear and tear (new displays are calibrated, but are rarely recalibrated),  your brightness and contrast settings; all contribute to distorted display colors.  Color consistency issues warrant the following disclaimers:


Ink Color Disclaimer: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee an exact PMS match. PANTONE™ Matching color swatches are primarily used in lithography, where inks can be precisely formulated to produce a precise hue under precise lighting conditions of a precisely-defined print media substrate. White inks are susceptible to dye migration from fabrics, particularly red polycotton fabrics.

Product Color Disclaimer:Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot always guarantee the continuity or exact shade of material because of variances in dye lots. No adjustments or claims will be processed regarding these variances. The neon colored items are dyed on one side only and will fade.


Fabric Colors


Standard Ink Colors

We mix inks to match any PMS or provided-swatch color; the colors below were chosen to match our available fabric colors as closely as possible. These are our standard (i.e. colloquial) colors to be used when specifying your imprint.